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Setting Goals for November: YouTube, Self-Care, and Intention [Video]

Let's talk about our goals for November and the challenges that might come with them.

November! I might have done a doubletake this week when I saw the start of a new month on the calendar. I thought it was impossible that the winter months, let alone the end of another year, had crept up so fast. But here we are.

This season, I’m craving a slower pace. While I can’t slow things down at my day job (because #nonprofitlife), I do have some control over where the rest of my time and energy are going. It probably means spending an extra night at home each week and pressing pause on freelance projects until after the holidays. I want November to be full of intention and passion, which means getting a little selfish and narrowing in on the things that I’m excited about.

Actually, I want the rest of this year—and the next—to be full of intention. That means getting back to setting goals and holding myself accountable. It’s what inspired this new monthly check-in here on the blog—and over on my freshly launched YouTube channel. Sharing my goals and projects with a trusted friend is one thing. But broadcasting them to the internet adds a whole new level of accountability and inspiration. You are going to be my own digital accountability buddy. At the same time, setting goals and making them happen can be a challenge that is worth talking about. So let’s talk about goals for November, dammit:

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