About Callie & The Blog

Hello there! I’m Callie Gisler, a blogger, communications gal, and proudly self-sufficient millennial from small town Salem, Oregon. I graduated from college in 2014 with a degree in journalism and dreams of being the next Andrea Sachs. I wanted was the high profile career in some big city… Or at least that’s what I thought at the beginning. Little did I know, I would spend four years trying to make that stereotypical definition of “success” work, while making myself fucking miserable at the same time.

But I decided to change all that in 2018. I scrapped my old visions of success and decided start fresh. These days, I’m living in a small town with one very big goal: Becoming the most honest, strong, balanced, and joy-filled version of me I can be. And this blog is the place I’m documenting all of it—between cups of coffee and sassy remarks. Every week, you can find me gabbing about career, health, style and everything else that goes into daily life. You can also find me over on YouTube every weekend with new videos. I hope you’ll stick around!

Get in Touch

For questions, collaborations, and all other general inquiries, please contact me at hello@calliegisler.com. I may not be able to answer every email, but try my best to read each and every one of them. You can find me any time on YouTube, Twitter,  and Instagram.

Interested in working together? I love working with other creators and brands on a variety of projects, whether it’s here on the blog or over on YouTube. Let’s talk! You can get in touch with me via email at hello@calliegisler.com. I am not accepting guest blog posts or freelance clients at this time.

Disclaimer: I’m all about transparency here. Blogging doesn’t pay my rent, but it might cover my morning coffee on occasion. I use affiliate links throughout my content, which means each time you click through and complete an action, such as purchasing a product, I might earn a small commission. I will always let you know if content is sponsored or contains affiliate links. And don’t worry, I would never feature a product or service I wouldn’t spend my own money on.