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Where the F*ck Have You Been, Girl? (Part 1)

Write it all down. That’s what someone told me several years back: “Write it all down, Callie. It’s all going to add up to something.” That was shortly after I graduated, sitting on my ratty college futon, drowning my contempt in a glass of wine after realizing a salary meant working 60 hours in a week but only getting paid for 40 of them. Adulthood must take like cheap wine and disdain, I had convinced myself.

At the time, little moments like that didn’t feel like much—just stark encounters with the realities of post-grad life. I never figured they would have any value, let alone be worth reading. But here I am, almost four years later, finally writing it all down.

Personal blogging was something that took a back seat to the freelance business I started growing in 2014. I scrapped the personal narrative and embraced the professional expertise I was trying so hard to market—not only online, but also in my day job. I did whatever I could to bury my “blogger” title deep, deep, deep in the back of the closet.

There might be a very select few of you that remember Coffee and Cardigans, a lifestyle blog that I ran through most of college. If you do… Wow, thank you for being here. And if you don’t, know the only things you missed were my weekend craft projects and a few questionable, frumpy outfits.

Most likely, you probably remember me from the public relations and communications consulting I did up until spring. Or maybe even my #CreativeCoffeeHour twitter chat. For quite a while, this online space was my business website, packed full of service packages, sales pages, and community member testimonials. I was blogging about social media, content marketing, and media relations.

But obviously, that isn’t a thing anymore. Why did I press pause on a budding business? I’ll tell you all about it, I swear. Running my own business is still near the top of my to-do list. But there are a few other things I need to cross off before then.

You are staring at one of those things. I want to turn this space back into something that is mine. Imagine me digging frantically through that metaphorical closet, dramatically tossing aside titles like “creative entrepreneur” and “career girl” to find my #blogger t-shirt. It might be a little tighter and horribly wrinkled, but it still fits fine. And I’m probably never taking it off again.

I am back to personal blogging. But before I can get too far into it all, I need to answer one simple question: “Where the fuck have you been, girl?!”

The short answer looks something like this: Changing jobs, moving cities, slowing down, reconnecting with my old self, and learning how to enjoy life again. Of course, I’d much rather give you the long answer. But as I quickly realized in typing this all out, the full story doesn’t fit very nicely into one blog post.

So this is the first part of a three-part series coming over the next two week. It’s about working the wrong job that showed me what was right. It’s about tossing out the shitty corporate definition of “success” and starting fresh. It’s about finally living this story of mine out loud.

I’m sure there was some wise old human somewhere who said we must look back before we can move forward, right?

P.S. — I don’t really have a #blogger t-shirt, but I do want one. Know where I can find a cute one? Drop a link in the comments below!


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    September 29, 2017 at 12:51 am

    I loved your Coffee and Cardigans days! Those were some of my favorite blog posts ever!

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